Saturday, May 28, 2016

All that he learned, Pachacuti

All that he learned, Pachacuti E, and saw and did was never told, or recorded, however he left a diary of sorts for me, in addition, a brief composed record, more like a letter, in his Peruvian local tongue - Quechua-... also, now I comprehend why E did not record everything. He saw unfailingly, repugnance he had no words for; then again, it was the fate of a dismal enthusiasm for the 'seeds of time.' To my seeing much he reframed from seeing, doing, expending. Furthermore, a large portion of the times he wished he had a Rosary, despite the fact that not Catholic, and I'm uncertain regardless of the possibility that he was a Christian or of a specific confidence, he just said it in passing, yet as he additionally let me know, 'What is done will be done,' it sounds like a quote from Macbeth, and he thought of me, Dr. D.L. Siluk, 'I fear, Ayre, by this, this current day's end you should see me no more, nor might I set sight, again of the sun? Long back, I had found the lock to hellfire's entryway? To its eldritch sections. This is my most up to date state. When I am in this world, I am a rodent without a tail! Propensity and interest murders the feline however the greater part of us wind up doing and doing and as though owing, providing for the wind one's detects, instincts. The fallen angels have given me another name, Yima.' My dear companion, E, a fascinator of a definitive void, with industrious interest, entered the netherworld some seventeen-years back, including the more profound piece of Hell's house Tartarus, into Hell's cyclopean eldritch cyclopean remnants, and entries, and chambers, into its shocking parlors. He saw the wonders of the fallen angels, imps, new spirits, undescriptive creatures, their short of breath and anonymous auxiliary brutes, and huge beasts: their human transforms framing's from: demon to man, to animal, and back once more (weak to shape any acceptable photo of the visual elements of his close day by day life visits of these transforms, he gave no to a greater extent a portrayal): dematerializing and rematerializations, as they go forward and returned, to the external world, as they call the surface of earth. His exceptionally limit I might clarify in time, call it bewilderment, yet not enchantment, gruffly I rehash, there is no enchantment to this (despite the fact that he said-in passing- - there was dark enchantment being performed in a definitive pit, beneath Tartarus, in some ice solidified pocket or gap of earth), openly I rehash, there is no enchantment to this, it is simply part of the heavenly universes around us. Also, he is no superhero, yet he has such DNA, yes, DNA that bring about malady, and changes that to most who ought to have created crippling sicknesses, his DNA counters it, and the sky is the limit from there. Before I go ahead about Mr. E's last days, that being, the latest day I got notification from him, - I should disclose him to you more plainly. He was outside the sweep of most people. Despite the fact that he was no "Superman" he came from what is called an Exoplanet, semi hereditarily; such planets had at one time environments compared to earth, and their host sun barraged them with deluge high vitality radiation, consuming their climate, for the most part as a result of their circle being excessively near their star-sun. These super-Earths, are double the span of earth, if not ten-time Earth's size, and/or greatness. What's more, in due time as a result of the sun's beams, shrivel. To my comprehension from what he said, or I think he said, I'm a slight foggy on review, he talked quickly and crude on his dad's experience, however that he originated from the Alpha Centauri System, or the closest star framework some 25-trillion miles away.


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